Boat Owners & Boat Detailing Professionals

Boat Detailing In 5 Simple Steps

Learn To:

  • Wash & Maintain a boat properly! 
  • Properly use a rotary buffer to remove oxidation!
  • Properly polish a boat to achieve a mirror finish!
  • How easy it is to apply a ceramic coating to your boat to keep it protected for years! 
  • How to keep a boat looking good season after season, without having to have it buffed every year! 

What People Are Saying:

You are my hero, Great Videos!


Great Course Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Kris Tomlin

I am just a boat owner that wanted to learn how to wax a boat... Man did I get more than that. Drake blew my mind with his knowledge. I not only learned that wax won't actually remove my oxidation, which was new to me.. I leaned how to make my boat shine like brand new. I also applied the ceramic coating like he explains in the course and my boat is way easier to clean and looks very glossy months later. Thanks again Drake for answering all of my emails and answer all of my questions about my boat. This course was worth the money and I purchased all of the products listed in the course and have been very happy with the results!

Dwayne Allen

This course will teach you about detailing a boat. From washing to ceramic coating this course was 100% worth the investment đź’Ż

Premier Shine

Drake gave me the confidence to go out and detail a boat for my customers.

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