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Water Spot Removal &

Polish Master Class

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This detail u online course is all about removing water spots, buffing out light oxidation & scratches, polishing out holograms and how to protect & maintain your boat!


Remove Water Spots & Rotary Polisher Tutorials

Learn to remove ugly water spots from the surface of your boat & How to properly use a Rotary Polisher to remove scratches and light oxidation.


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Polish & Protection Tutorials

Learn to use a Rupes Mille Polisher, to achieve a perfect mirror finish. We walk you though the step by step guide on remove holograms & swirls.


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Pro Boat Maintenance Tutorials 

Learn to wash & maintain your boat like a PRO! We go over our Boat Detail Maintenance Kit and teach you how to keep your boat looking fresh year round! 

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  • Learn To Remove Water Spots
  • Learn To Properly Use A Rotary Polisher
  • Learn To Polish Your Boat Like A Pro
  • Learn To Maintain Your Boat
  • Learn All The Pads, Machines & Products
  • Build Confidence In Your Detailing Skills

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